FUSE: Next Generation

Consulting, Education, Strategy

FUSE: Next Generation

Working with ORGE Innovation Consulting and The After-School Corporation (TASC), we developed a science education initiative to improve student outcomes by working with schools and community-based organizations to promote science and math proficiency. The initiative was developed using a design-led collaborative process to guide a group of experts, leveraging knowledge from Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) practitioners, science museum directors, technology teachers, education policymakers, social-emotional learning and youth development specialists and researchers.

Pilot Developed Across 3 Cities

40+ Education and Science Experts

From 10 Unique Program Concepts to 1 Model

FUSE Education Platform Model

Coordinating a Diverse Knowledge Base

Educational values, program concepts and expert knowledge helped to shape the project during a full day design workshop. The diverse range of experts that attended the workshop helped to draw out and frame the guidelines that would shape a replicable model for extracurricular science programs.