Neuroscience Exhibition

Consulting, Healthcare, Identity, Strategy

Neuroscience Exhibition

The Child Mind Institute (CMI) required a redesign of the lobby in their New York headquarters to house an exhibition intended to better communicate the value of neuroscientific research and their operational and philanthropic goals for the near future. The narrative for the exhibition was developed through a series of interviews and workshops. Using an array of design tactics, the exhibition will tell a holistic and dynamic story about CMIs present and future positioning and the power of neuroscientific research to dramatically change people’s lives.

Our team worked with neuroscientists, researchers, clinicians, marketing managers and funders to develop a strategy around CMI’s identity paired with the latest knowledge in neuroscience. We developed a set of cards to be used as a tool for developing and curating the exhibition. These cards follow a defined taxonomy that addresses everything from room layout to information strategies around open science. They are designed to be modular and flexible in order to work with various audiences, budgets and exhibition locations.