The Cabinet

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The Cabinet

The Cabinet rethinks traditional grocery store displays and shelving into dynamic modular representations of healthy recipes. The Cabinet is designed to promote health, culture and ease.

Disconnect between Food and Culture

Dynamic food trends in the last sixty years have produced a diverse new wave of eaters, shoppers, chefs and food experts. Often because of cultural trends empowered by the rapid spread of information and the industrial commercialization of food, many consumers have lost control over what they eat and where they shop. Without thinking we move for the fast, cheap and easy and do not think twice that we may be able to have convenient, affordable, healthy food. These cultural habits have helped to build an array of interfaces wedged between food and the consumer, from glorifying restaurant signage to the ambiguity of a cereal box. The extraneous or inaccurate information that stands between us and our food has become incredibly robust and at times impenetrable. When we look at culture food trends this robustness can often be paralleled with a decline in health. As we cook less at home and cultural ties to food begin to unwind, we have seen a rise in obesity and dramatic shifts in social connectivity around food.

Implicit vs. Explicit

There exist elements of food culture that, although scattered, have potential to reweave the thread between culture and food. From the cultural perseverance of healthy habits in immigrant populations or the collective move to hyper-globalize eating habits amongst youth in cities, there is a natural search for a narrative around food. The Cabinet looks to answer the cultural curiosities of eaters while integrating the practicality of everyday life, such as convenience and cost. On the surface, the Cabinet is traditional grocery store shelving rethought and rebuilt. Beneath the Cabinet’s look, modular recipes and immersive style, it is a design installation that looks to fulfill the questions essential to the rethreading of food and culture. What if we were able to increase cooking at home with fresh healthy ingredients? What if we could engage people to actively reflect on the food they buy and eat? What if we could connect people across cultures through food? The Cabinet seeks to reshuffle valuable cultural threads in order to build a new narrative around food to strengthen health.