The Newburgh Project

Emerging Markets, Research, Strategy

The Newburgh Project

How can innovative design tools for envisioning future businesses in Newburgh enable citizens to better and more effectively engage with their city’s assets and be successful in changing the face and future of their city and their lives?

The Newburgh Project is an design initiative focused on community-driven urban development. Design research was conducted over the course of four months in Newburgh, a post-industrial city on the west bank of the hudson river one hour north of New York City. The work led to the development of a design process and set of tools that enabled potential entrepreneurs to envision future businesses and then test their concepts through co-designed pop-up shops.  The Newburgh Project  is a platform for rethinking the city’s unused spaces and provided a resource-driven forum for individuals and organizations to influence and shape Newburgh’s future.

Project Team: Sean Baker / Amanda Greenough / Mike Varona

The Newburgh Project system map
Georgetown Ice Cream Pop-up

The Urban Business Refinery

The Urban Business Refinery provides spaces for residents to test their ideas for new businesses. This is a pop-up run by The Newburgh Project to test a local shop owners idea for an ice cream parlor on Liberty Street a historic area of downtown. Our design team worked with resident entrepreneurs to extract and refine concepts for new businesses and revival ideas for the city.